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    September 24, 2024

    Edmonton International Airport

Flight Information


What you should know if you are dropping someone off or you are traveling on the Edmonton Dreams flight:

Meet and Greet Sunday

If you live in Edmonton (or close to the city) you will meet your group leader and other kids going on the flight about 2 weeks before flight day. You will see a presentation about how your day will go, what to bring, and what to expect! The “Meet and Greet” is a good chance to ask questions, but if you have questions in advance you can also ask your contact person.

What to Bring

  • If you take medication, please come with a 2 or 3 day supply.
  • Adults coming on the flight must have a passport.
  • All children should be dressed for warm weather in California (clothes will be provided). The Group Leader will provide caps, water bottles, and sunscreen. You are able to leave a backpack on the plane for the day in case you would like to leave a fleece for arrival and departure.
  • All adults should come dressed in their Dreams Take Flight shirt and capris, pants or shorts; preferably black, red or white.

Arrival & Parking

  • It is important that you are at the airport on time (Adults – 3:00 am, Kids – 3:30 am), because there are many things that have to be done before we leave for California.
  • If you are accompanying a child on the flight or dropping a child off at the airport, please park in LONG TERM PARKING. Organizers will have Free Parking Chits, available during Meet and Greet Sunday, that you can get to pay for your time parked at the airport.
  • Accommodations in Edmonton (for out of town children only) – Please speak with your Dreams contact for more information.

NOTE: The children will be dropped off in the Meeting Area and picked up there at the end of the day.

Schedule at the Edmonton Airport

  • Upon arrival at the Edmonton (YEG) airport, please check-in at the children or adult check-in stations.
  • If you have medication please proceed to the Medical Desk. The medical team will be there to take the medication and ensure that the procedures for use of the drugs are clearly understood by the medical team.
  • Proceed to your Group Name (given at Meet and Greet) where you will meet your group and Group Leader.

At the Theme Park

  • Children will be in groups of 6 (max) with a Group leader and additional chaperones. Each group will go through the Theme Park at their own pace. Food, drinks, and lots of water will be provided. Each child will be given a souvenir from the Theme Park. Please do not send money with your child.
  • Your group will stay together at all times during the day. There will be a group leader and other adult chaperones – depending on the needs of the group. You will have enough time to go on several rides and get many character autographs. Think ahead about what your most favorite things to do at the park as your group leader will want to know – and therefore plan a day for all to enjoy.
  • Group leaders will have cameras and there will also be photographers at the Theme Park to take group and “action” photos. Your group leader will create a photo album for your memories.

Back in Edmonton

Parents can call Air Canada, 1-888-247-2262, for live flight arrival time (AC7182) or At airport, please go to south end of the terminal on the arrivals level to reunite with your child. (This area is located just across from the Tim Hortons)

Group Pictures / Telus Sponsored Apple Photobooks

The agency that represented your child will distribute our Telus sponsored Apple photo books to each child once they are completed.  Parents your child should receive these books sometime in late November – mid-December, after the flight.  Make sure if you move away or your child is no longer with the initial agency that we have your correct mailing address!

This is a No Smoking Day – absolutely no tobacco products allowed all day!

Flight Itinerary

3:30 am

Check-in of children, volunteers and media on the flight at Edmonton International Airport. All children will receive a DTFE clothing package, consisting of a jersey, jacket, shorts, hat, & shoes

4:00 am

Groups with all children present will start to go through security and board the flight. The entire group must clear security together. Everyone must sit in assigned seats. Each child will receive a DTFE special pillow & blanket and other fun stuff aboard.

6:00 am

Flight departure – Once all of the children, volunteers, media & special guests are on board and seated, the plane departs.

8:15 am

Arrive at airport in California – Groups will deplane together from the forward and aft doors. The groups will be met by the local volunteers.

8:45 am

Groups board buses and leave for the Theme Park.

9:45 am

Arrive at Theme Park gate – Entrance tickets are distributed and teams are off for their first ride! The children will visit the Theme Park in groups of six children (or less) and three to six adult chaperones. Each group will go through the Park at their own pace. Food, drinks and lots of water will be provided. At the end of the day, each child will be given some souvenirs from the Theme Park. The groups will have the opportunity to take in the attractions, the rides, have lunch and get their group and; individual pictures taken with characters throughout the park.

6:00 pm

Start the process to leave the park.

6:05 pm

Group assembly and head count begin as they board the buses. Groups re-board on the bus that they originally came on.

6:30 pm

Sad to say goodbye but oh what a day, back to the airport the buses go. Drinks are served on the buses for the children and chaperones to have while they make their way back to the airport.

7:00 pm

Buses arrive at – Atlantic FBO

7:30 pm

Flight departure for Edmonton (YEG). Along with all their Park treats, the children board the aircraft and find a special surprise in their seats! They are buckled up and their treasures stowed away and they are ready for take off. A light healthy snack is served on the flight home.


Arrival in Edmonton – When the groups get back into the terminal meeting area where their families are waiting for them, they are each given a Bentley backpack filled with memorabilia to help remind them of their trip.